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Papa to Mira - addict

I've finally listened all the Papa to Mira series.. and caused a greater addiction to Takayuki x Kazuki pairing! I almost skipped all scenes regarding Mira just to listen to any Takayuki x Kazuki.

nizlaili, I've finally found the 'punishment' night scene you've told. It was on Deep in the Forest, when Mira was left alone by Kyousuke to Germany and accompanied by Takayuki. Kazuki barged in when Mira was being molested by Takayuki, and since Kazuki insisted to tell Kyousuke about this happening, Mira joined Takayuki in punishing Kazuki. *LOL* Mira was so evil!!! When Kazu screamed "Help me, Mira!", Mira just "Ah, don't hear, don't hear!" *LOL* I really enjoyed when Mira witnessed Kazuki's moaning, and thought "waaah, Kazu's voice is so erotic.. can it be this is not their first time?"... KYAAAAAAAA, Chiba's ero-ero voice!! *nosebleed* Also Chiba's childhood Kazu is adorably cute!

Back when Mira and Kazu celebrated Mitsuki's birthday and Kazu witnessing Takayuki x Mira intimacy, then Kazu ran away and being chased and molested by Takayuki as well, it seems they came back home by holding hands and Kazu's face was completely blushed.

At Germany, Takayuki was often at Kazuki's room. I laughed in the midst of my enjoyment listening when Mira found Kazuki half-collapsed losing his energy in the bathroom... Too bad there was only a short H scene in that room. but on the booklet, it seems Kazu was shackled to bed lamp on the bed.

I checked on net that there was 8 tracks on Kiss in the Dark, but I only had 7 (missing the bonus track).
Does anyone has just this one track? It seems there was a Takayuki x Kazu kissing scene on this track.

Sulking Kazu was indeed so adorable, even Takayuki admit it.. :)
There are a lot of tortured, sulking, crying, angried, refusing, angsty, and protective Chiba. It's a must listen for all fans!!!!
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