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8/30/06 11:17 pm - measuringlife

Came upon this while browsing for pictures and figure I'd share for anyone else who didn't know about it ♥

Soft, Sweet and Serious - Chiba Susumu fansite

Ahaha, for a moment I thought it actually was Chiba's site, and that he had a blog ;; (unless he really does have a blog and I overlooked it somehow?) I about died until I read the intro *falls* anyways, it's a lovely site, it's good to see that he has such a cute fansite ♥ ^^

8/30/06 09:30 am - moccy - Is it just me...

... who loves Chiba's laughter???

I loooooooove the way he laughes (on acting or normally).
I always enjoy his free talk session. His laughter seems to flow swiftly out his heart as if he truly enjoyed the series.
His acting laugher is also very natural, not pushy (especially Asari's laughter.. oh my.. love it very much)..

My only complaint on his free talk is when he's introducing his name TOO FAST!!
I mean, too fast you barely heard the words "Chiba Susumu" well. It seems he was saying "chbasmu".. well, Japanese rarely pronounced "u" clearly, but well, it's just TOO FAST! If you haven't known his name, you'll try hard to guess what he was saying.

* excuse me for ranting unnecessary thing.. ^^ I'm just getting over excited *

8/30/06 09:17 pm - nizlaili - Shinkan wa Ou ni Aisare

Here ya go, moccy-san. ^>^

Nakai Kazuya x Chiba Susumu, Ono Daisuke, Yanada Kiyoyuki

8/29/06 02:39 pm - nizlaili

Livejournal - Video and Image Hosting

Dr Hayami's Web SSDS #44 29.08.2006
Hayami Shou, Chiba Susumu

A reminder; Chiba-san's birthday is on the 13th of September. ^_^

8/29/06 12:52 pm - moccy - Seme or Uke?

I personally choose Chiba's uke.. why? Because that husky voice can make a very sexy and seductive uke. I like his semi-sighing tone he used for Asari (ZE) or Touya (Chouhatsu Trap). Very very seducting!! (lately I can't get the word "seductive" out of my vocabulary... blame Chiba and Asari.. *grin*).

I also looooooveee his 'tortured' and resisting voice (oh, Touya, Kazuki, and Kiichi).. khukhukhu.. again, so seducting!! I'm cruel, yes, but I enjoy it very much! His resisting is way much better than his willingness. His crying is also good.

His wild and rough uke is also fine. I love the way Tsubaki (Hanayome series) snapped at Tennou "URUSEEE!!!! DETE IKE!!", screaming "Kayui! Kayui! Kayui!! (Itchy! Itchy! Itchy), and especially when he's drunk.. love it very much!

I'm not too into genki/sweet Chiba (Misaki from Kindan no Amai Kaijitsu or Haruhiko from Kimi ni Kawaretai), but the super lively Yokota from Dousaibou Seibutsu is just TOO CUTE!!!! Especially when he screamed so loud when watching horror movies, and then sobbed "itai yo.. kowai yo... kimochi warui yo.." .... MOEEEE!!!

I guess I have a MOE over Chiba's uke.. *grin*

8/24/06 08:43 am - moccy

Waaaaaaaaai!! Chiba Susumu's community!!!
I've never thought I'll be this addicted to Chiba because I've never put attention in him before. Often heard his name but never realized how sexy that husky voice is.

I watched Kaikan Phrase and only know that Towa was voiced by "Chiba Susumu".
I watched Sukisho and only put attention to the other main characters. When searching for Matsuri's seiyuu, I only know that it's "Chiba Susumu" (that I've only know the name but didn't remember his voice).

Wait, I even has his song from Chrno Crusade while I was expecting Ishida's singing for it. Since it happened that it's from drama CD and it was Chiba instead of Ishida, I almost dumped that song...

I didn't even know he was Fujiwara no Sai for Hikago!!!! How can I abandon such an important role!

Eh, he was also in Dear Friends 2??? I've listened to that drama for times but only to hear Ishida Akira.. now I have another reason to love this drama more.. *grin*

I guess this might be punishment for neglecting Chiba these times.. :D
I'm now addicted for him, and re-listen or re-watched those with Chiba casting in it.
Now my ears can easily recognize his voice.

Thank you nizlaili for the drama CDs!! I took a bunch!

7/19/06 02:37 pm - nizlaili

Dr Hayami's Web SSDS #37 18.07.2006


7/11/06 09:30 pm - nizlaili

Time for the weekly SSDS ♥!

Dr Hayami's Web SSDS #36 11.7.2006

x-posted seiyuu_fm

7/10/06 11:56 am - nizlaili

Hikago Drama CDs on Sendspace~

Hikago 1

Hikago 2

All thanks to datenshi_blue

7/7/06 10:17 pm - gracefulnanami - Chiba's role as Will in Tales of Legendia...

I know this is one of the first posts, but I'm wondering if there actually IS anything, like image songs, related to his role as Will. I just finished playing the game. :D
...I'm kind of doubting it, though. Otherwise, I only really know him as Towa and a few other small roles. He's got a very unique and wonderful voice. <3

- Rebecca
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