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I'm just a lurker here, but I have a BL-drama CD which I like to share. If anyone has already posted this, just ignore it.
I just couldn't resist sharing this little gem because it was so good, especially Susumu-san.

It is based on Shiuko Kanos manga "Kawaige", there are two storys, the first is about a construction worker (Morikawa) and store clerk, he gets invited to his sons school event or something(I don't understand japanses T___T), the second story is about two construction workers, Nakano and Yazu they are complete strangers at first, but then Yazu blackmails Nakano for something and they end up having sex.

You have to hear the evil laughter Nakano makes, KYAA!!!! makes me go crazy.

I'll upload it on sendspace, but if anyone can't download from it, let me know any I'll upload it on a different host.

Link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/vp3gbn

Pairings: Morikawa Toshiyuki x Taniyama Kisho, Hideo Isikawa x Chiba Susumu

Ohhh and this drama cd is not mine so don't give me credit for it.


Fangirl away~

I love Chiba's Papa to Mira image song 'Sayonara' dearly...and as I sit here bored out of my mind trying to do some work for a change...I was wondering if anyone's come across a translation of this beautiful song? Long-shot I know, but still. ♥
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Hello all! Just thought I'd share the answers to a meme I did on my LJ last week, which I hafta say received a lot of attention, perhaps for all the wrong reasons ^^;

"Pick one seiyuu and list your 10 favourites of his/her works and if you're feeling super-industrious discuss why."

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Wanna share your own answers? ^^

A drama~
Chiba Susumu, Koyasu Takehito, Horie Yui, Asakawa Yuu, Hiyama Nobuyuki, Ishikawa Hideo, Hikami Kyoko

I STILL haven't had time to scan the booklet lol. ^^ Take care!

konnichiwa, minna!

when i found this community...i was awfully happy. as you already know this seiyuu(who is my favourite) is so underrated id never hope there would be a community for him.

nice to meet you all!but i have to tell you i just learnt some basic stuff about how a community/journal works...so any instructions would be really appreciated! please go easy on me XD
tried to reach deep

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Came upon this while browsing for pictures and figure I'd share for anyone else who didn't know about it ♥

Soft, Sweet and Serious - Chiba Susumu fansite

Ahaha, for a moment I thought it actually was Chiba's site, and that he had a blog ;; (unless he really does have a blog and I overlooked it somehow?) I about died until I read the intro *falls* anyways, it's a lovely site, it's good to see that he has such a cute fansite ♥ ^^
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