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bits and pieces for Chiba Susumu's birthday ♥

Happy Birthday, Chiba Susumu~ ♥

I'm afraid I didn't get this in early enough for the original post, sorry if I've caused an inconvience!

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004 005 006
007 008 009
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Feel free to snag, and credit makes me happy, but I won't chase you down if you forget ;; Hotlinking makes me sad D:

here’s some excerpts from Sukisyo. Matsuri was the first time I ever heard Chiba, and helped form my obsession with him. ♥

Chiba Susumu's short interview from the Neverland I Booklet (image file, cut for size)

MONOLOGUE Itsumademo, Ishou ni itai ne this is from, the Matsuri single, since the song was already uploaded, I just uploaded the extras. (If I remember correctly, he’s remembering back on when he spent Christmas together with Sora and Nao – then going to present time. I'm not sure whether this refers to the anime or a story from one of the novels)

SPECIAL STORY 3 more from the Matsuri single, it's part of a continuning story in each single --

Chiba’s short voice message from “Heavenly Breath” Isn’t it cute?

Bits from Neverland I which is utter crack

Good Morning, Bad Morning, (clipped) - This track is clipped because a large amount of it had no Chiba in it, I clipped up to the part when Matsuri comes in. ^^; In summary, Ran & Yoru (Koyasu and Yamaguchi) who are Sora and Sunao’s (Midorikawa & Hoshi) other personalities were up late doing H things and now Sunao is so tired that he mumbles back things with a “nya” at the end. So Sora puts cat ears and a bell on him XDD Then Matsuri comes in, and you can guess the rest XD

Track 04 - Chris no Sangeshitsu 1 <– Matsuri ‘confesses his sins’ to Chris, except that he isn’t a bit sorry, only sorry that his camera broke and he missed the 'chance of a lifetime' XD

the last track is really funny and has lots of Chiba, but It was so big I split it into only the parts that had the most Chiba ;;.

part one <--- Sora and Nao are fighting, and Matsuri is enjoying the spectacle XD

part two From the last track of Neverland I – Chris is looking for Nanami, and Matsuri is very shocked when Soushi randomly appears at their school. (Soushi’s good for randomly appearing and freaking out people XD)
he even randomly stutters his name and calls him “sama”, quite uncharacteristic for him~

last track, excerpt 3

I'll upload the whole drama CD some other time ♥

White Flower: this is one of the epilogue scenes. Matsuri (Chiba Susumu) and Soushi (Ueda Yuuji) are having tea together, and Soushi says “I trust you’ll accompany me to the Keiji Shield Party?” Matsuri answers “with pleasure” ♥ Sora (Midorikawa Hikaru) said the exchange was strange and wonders if Matsuri is going to help Soushi with work.

(Kizu translated it for me because Ueda Yuuji was so hard to understand there I couldn’t make out what he was saying – and what Chiba was saying at first I ♥ her for it so ♥!)

From Ryuu no Yuigon (full drama is in the other post, but these were so funny that I couldn’t resist~)
It's based on a manga series

Track three (full) I love how Chiba’s voice steadily gets more angry XD

The first few minutes of track four. Perverted Yamaguchi! ♥ has a dream H scene too, so nsfw

The Talk track Chiba is so cute! Seriously! Even if you don’t usually listen to talk tracks, listen to this one ♥
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Happy Bday Chiba Susumu! ^_^
your icons are GREAT I love them *hats off*
thanks for sharing all this ChibaLov!!! XDXDXD!
Eee~! Just noticed the icons! Love them all!! We need more CHiba pics so we can make more icons! ~.~