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Hello all! Just thought I'd share the answers to a meme I did on my LJ last week, which I hafta say received a lot of attention, perhaps for all the wrong reasons ^^;

"Pick one seiyuu and list your 10 favourites of his/her works and if you're feeling super-industrious discuss why."


1. Papa to Mira

Because Kazuki is so freaking CUTE!!!!!!!!!

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He had me the moment he sobs when Koyasu says (for the gazillionth time) 'I hate you' in bed near the end of Bangaihen. But thank the BL gods for giving the drama teh hap-piest ending because moments after...Koyasu says 'I love you'!!! ♥

But of course, who can forget his scream the time Koyasu shackles him to the bedpost in Under the Moonlight? XDDD

2. Kawaige

One of the more graphic ones, something I realised even before I got the manga. But it made me fall even more deeply in love with the Ishikawa Hideo x Chiba Susumu pairing; Chiba plays a very sullen, broody construction worker with a dark, brutal past and he's always snapping and barking at people, little girls not excluded~ XDDD

But then I got the manga and GYAAAAAAAH!!!! He's. GORGEOUS.

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And they just look SO good together. Although they did do some REALLY SLUTTY stuff. ^^;;;

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WAHAHAHAHAH. If you change the names, Kawaige can be an AU Slam Dunk Sakuragi/Rukawa doujinshi. XDDD

3. Dousaibou Seibutsu

I personally think this is a beautiful, beautiful love story. Chiba's cute and all, and the way he literally glomps Itou Kentarou every chance he gets...but the story does tug at the string of your heart at times. And wheeeee. Chiba cries in the drama. Love it when he cries.... ♥___♥ How two completely different people can find that elusive red thread and nurture their love against all odds... *starry eyes*

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4. Hanayome wo te ni irero

This series is so CUTE~!!!!!! I love Ichijou Kazuya's voice. ♥ And of course the scene when Tsubaki gets drunk and wails because he thinks Tennou's going to leave him, and the way Tennou calms him down by cooing gentle words in Tsubaki's ear...and Tsubaki ♥ADORABLY♥ asks (still drunk btw) 'Really? You really, really love me?'

And Ichijou's sexy, sexy low voice booms, "Daisuki dayo."

♥ KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~ ♥ *dies*

5. ZE

Ahah. This one needs no explanation. If you still need one... *throws hands up in the air* (I have failed as an avid ZE fangirler!!!! ~.~)

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6. Oyaji Hiroimashita

I heart this drama so, so much!!! XDDD The idea of Inoue being uke to Chiba didn't appeal to me at the time but Chiba pulls it off BEAAAAAUUTIFULLY!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ He's bratty, demanding, and everything Inoue isn't-but gyah he's so cute~! And I LOVE when they go chibi in the manga. ♥__♥

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7. Chouhatsu Trap

Ahak. One of the first dramas I listened to, fell in love so damn hard! ♥ Chiba's voice is ultra-husky in this one, the kind that makes me go 'NNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNN~~~~~~' inside. ^^ And of course Konitan's using his kakkoi voice compared to the one he used for Tokyo Deep Night (OH God. Horrible memories of that one. *shudders*)

And Chiba cries yet again. RABU RABU! The scene where he goes off to drown his sorrow at the bar after he found Konitan's picture so cozy-ed up with a woman and Konitan goes off to find him and they have a fight. And the way Chiba sounds as if he's choking on his tears-the man's a genius. ♥ The things he does with his vocal cords... *___*

8. Gokuen

This drama is so nose-bleedingly SEXY. *_______* I don't quite mind dramas centered around yakuza bosses, nor do I particularly mind when Morimori's one of them. And he has a really cool tattoo. And he's having funky, hot *beep* with Chiba. Onsen *beep*!!!! Where else can you get that kind of *beep*????

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9. Meisai Tengoku

Okay. If you're a sucker for manly men in camouflage, then this one's for you. ♥ I don't even remember the seme seiyuu's name, but Chiba is being his usual iroppoi self as a squad leader (something called National Japanese Defense team, with sweaty guys training to be soldiers and stuff) seducing a rookie to release his 'pent-up feelings', coz well, they are 'trapped' in an all-men training camp, AND still be the uke. ♥

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10. Big Gun o Motsu Otoko


This. is. the sluttiest. of all.

It takes slut to a completely new level.


I felt like taking Chiba to the nearest STD clinic after I heard this one. It REALLY can't be that safe to have *beep* with so many people. *_____* He does it with everyone~!!! *wails* Or-correction: Everyone does it with him!!!! He's just the poor, helpless housemaid after all, catering to his (many) bosses' (many) needs. ^^V

And of course, Hirakawa Daisuke's gaijin accent slaughters me everytime~! XDDDDDDDD

God I don't ever want to think about this drama ever again. But it's just so damn memorable! One of the few dramas in which Chiba switches from uke to seme back to uke again within 5 minutes. And with...Miyata Kouki. Of all people. ~.~ (I dislike Miyata-san's voice most of the time. It just grates in my ear...maybe I just can't stand pitches with that high a frequency. I was born with a perforated eardrum after all)

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Maybe this was the producing company's strategy to increase sales since you get to have so many pairings i.e. seiyuu in one drama. Kappei-san, Nariken, Miyata Kouki, Yusa Kouji, Takahashi Hiroki...all having dirty *beep*. ~.~

Wanna share your own answers? ^^

A drama~
Chiba Susumu, Koyasu Takehito, Horie Yui, Asakawa Yuu, Hiyama Nobuyuki, Ishikawa Hideo, Hikami Kyoko

I STILL haven't had time to scan the booklet lol. ^^ Take care!
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