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For Everything Chiba

the man behind the voice

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The Chiba Sanctuary
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This is a community dedicated to the greatly under-rated, super-talented Chiba Susumu-san, feel free to post anything, upload anything, download anything, request anything-ON ONE CONDITION!

Everything has to be related to Chiba-san of course...

The page is still in its developmental stage, and I'm working on it as much as I possibly can with what free time I have so please be patient. If anyone's willing to help me out, or volunteer to be a co-moderator, give me a shout! I appreciate all the help I can get.

What can be posted:

Anything that has to do with Chiba Susumu and his amazing voice works.

Simple Rules:

1. No FLAMING! I'm no Miss Universe finalist, but I do want world peace! ^^V

2. Be nice to each other. We're all civilised people, yes?

3. Thou shalt not leech~!!

All forms of ‘Thank You’s’, in all languages, are accepted. So please, there is absolutely no excuse for leeching.

4. No need to apologize if you're requesting something. It's all up to the goodness of one's heart if he/she decides to entertain your request. But of course, we should all try our best to help each other out.

5. Don't be afraid to request! For all it's worth, at least it'll keep the place alive! ^__^

6. Friend-locking your posts (especially if you've upped something with a life expectancy equivalent to that of a pint of milk) is advisable. ^_____^

Lastly, just relax, sit back and let's all drown in some Chiba ♥! And keep smiling!

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  • Disclaimer: Images used for layout and profile page are personal screen captures as well as borrowed from http://www.serdec.com and http://www.lantis-net.com/ssds/. No copyright infringement intended.

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